Adfiki provides high quality advertising leads to media vendors, agencies and specialists across the United States. With customizable filters and options, we can bring you the advertisers you are looking for. Connecting advertisers to an Adfiki partner not only creates a new business opportunity, but a new relationship that will likely last for years.

No other inbound marketing program will beat the ROI that Adfiki Leads can bring.

Interested in figuring out what kind of ROI Adfiki may bring to your business? Test it out here on our Lead ROI Calculator. Plug in your own numbers and see the impact Adfiki leads can have on your sales today!

What Plans are Available? 

  • Real-Time Leads (Leads are sent to you directly as they are processed)
  • Aged Leads (30 days +, bringing you a higher volume of leads at a discounted price)

Pricing and Billing

Starting as low as $29, leads are affordable for most budgets. Leads are invoiced biweekly giving you enough time to return any invalid leads, ensuring you get what you’re looking for.