Advertising Leads

Adfiki provides high quality, high converting advertising leads.
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Why Choose Adfiki?

  • Grow Your BusinessAdfiki Leads are real time from motivated consumers interested in advertising their business or cause. We’ll give you everything you need to have a productive call. Adfiki brings incremental business opportunities – these are advertisers you would not have worked with otherwise! 
  • Validity GuaranteedEvery lead is validated by our team, so you don’t have to. Each lead goes through a scrubbing process ensuring that information is valid and matches your criteria. In the rare case a lead slips through, return it and we’ll send you a new lead at no cost all thanks to our Quality Guaranteed return policy.
  • No Contracts, No Risks : Adfiki is a pay-per-lead program allowing you to come and go as you please. This allows you to set your criteria filters, and receive the customers you’re looking for when you’re looking for them!

What is included in a lead?

Every lead includes a valid Name, Email and Phone Number and Expected Advertising Time Frame. Additional information may be provided based on what the advertiser includes and based on your lead plan.

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