About Us

Adfiki (ad-fee-kee)

Derived from the English word advertise and the Swahili word for friend, rafiki.

Adfiki is in a unique position to truly be a friend and partner to the advertising industry.

Located in one of the top up and coming cities for technology and innovation, Columbus, OH, Adfiki has brought together a team of young and energetic entrepreneurs focused on bringing utmost value to our customers. Utilizing the team’s expertise in web marketing strategies, we get excited in figuring out new ways to fish with the right bait and bring in the biggest and best leads for our customers.

Culture is important to us. If you walked into the office on any given day you’d find a casual and open environment, white boards filled with our goals and our “Win Everyday” mantra, computers with dual screens for optimized productivity, and an energetic team moving about and communicating openly. We work hard and enjoy our work!